Employment Law

Difference Makers in Employment Counseling and Negotiation

Bellows and Bellows, P.C. counsels executives who need to make important choices regarding their professional futures with their present or future employer.  Our team eliminates the uncertainty and guesswork when executives face irreparable circumstances in their work environment.

Employment counseling is a unique specialty at Bellows and Bellows, P.C.. Clients benefit from sound guidance and valuable strategies to preserve earnings, benefits, and bonuses as they leave their respective companies. Most importantly, we diligently protect our clients’ professional reputations as they reposition themselves in the marketplace. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable counselors who can diffuse sensitive situations with the utmost confidentiality. Also, because crises can arise at any time of the day, our attorneys are readily accessible before and after business hours. When you find out your company is reorganizing, your position has been eliminated, or you encounter any other circumstance that threatens your continued career prospects, you need a difference maker. Our law firm can help you navigate delicate issues and fully understand your options.

Employment Litigation

Sometimes litigation is the recommended option. Our employment law firm has substantial experience in employment litigation matters and will provide aggressive advocacy to help you obtain a satisfactory recovery for the harm caused to you and your professional reputation.

The employment lawyers at Bellows and Bellows, P.C. represent individuals and businesses in employment law matters:

  • Executive compensation and benefits
  • Separation agreements and severance packages
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Wrongful discharge claims
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Non-compete agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and non-solicitation agreements
  • Change in control agreements
  • Age discrimination claims
  • Title VII discrimination claims – gender, race, ethnic origin, religion
  • Disability discrimination claims
  • Internal corporate investigations involving fraud, embezzlement, ethics, policy violations, and discrimination
  • And others

For legal questions regarding business matters, employment counseling, or personal legal services, contact our attorneys online.

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